Happy May Day, Comrades!

Happy May Day, Comrades!!! Has any political philosophy caused as much misery and death as collectivism in all its forms? Between Communism and socialism, well over 100,000,000 humans were exterminated in the 20th Century. In this century, North Korea remains a living hell for the 99% of the people not in the ruling class, Cuba remains stuck in the 1950s, and Venezuela is reminding us socialism always results in shortages.

Yet here in America, we continue to dabble in this poison. Bernie Sanders is the most obvious example, but the entire federal government is an exercise in the redistribution of wealth – the only difference being who gets the spoils. And there is really very little difference between the two major parties – both fund the “poor”, both fund massive bureaucracies, both fund bloated defense contractors. Whatever difference is on the margins and in tone.

So, while I don’t believe we will soon be faced with concentration camps (Germanic National Socialism), Gulags (Soviet Communism), purges (Chinese Communism) or forced starvation (Ukrainian Communism), we do find economic freedom slipping away. 40% of what we earn funds our massive government, the so-called “rich” pay the overwhelming majority of taxes at all levels, and the 1% – our own nomenklatura – is so in bed with the government that they grow ever more bloated regardless of who or what is running the show.

So yes, let’s raise our fists and march around, to quote Rage Against the Machine. But let’s not celebrate a system and philosophy that has led to death, destruction, poverty, slavery, and overall misery the world over.

Dictator-cc-565x399Half of these “gentlemen”, including the worst three, were socialists/communists


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Colorado transplant currently residing in Indiana. I am endlessly curious about the weather, human nature, history, gardening, and cooking. I have a wonderful family of 2 dogs and 3 cats, all of whom are rescues.

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