The Kids Aren’t All Right

With word of another school shooting – this one near where I live, involving a middle school student – I expect the usual barrage of nonsense about inanimate objects needing to be banned. What I will not hear is any of the following:

  • What is causing kids – boys, primarily – to decide to kill their fellow human beings? When I was in school, disputes were settled – at worst – by fisticuffs in the school yard. Using a gun was simply unheard of. Even thinking of using a gun was something that did not happen.
  • These are not passion crimes – events where in the heat of the moment little Johnny goes and pulls the Glock from his locker and starts unloading. These are pre-planned, pre-meditated, and often have much thought put into them. In other words, these kids have a rage that they are able to maintain for weeks, if not months, if not longer. How is this going undetected? What is causing this?
  • Are we hurting our kids by pretending no one loses in life, everyone gets a trophy, and all are special? How painful that must be when at 14, 15, 16 years old Johnny wakes up and realizes it’s all a load of crap? How devastating. Who helps him deal with that?
  • What, if any, role does the prescribing of mind-altering drugs such as Ritalin have to do with this? If I try to think of what is different now than it was in the 1980s, this is one major area. Kids those days were not on antidepressants, or anti-ADHD meds. They are now. Correlation does not equal causation, of course, but it should be examined.
  • And finally, echoing my posting last week, what is to be done with a generation of young adult males that seems to have nothing inside that acts as a conscience? Now that God is out of the schoolhouse (and out of the public house), now that the family is decimated resulting in less male guidance, and now that even being a male is considered “toxic” in some corners of education, how do we get these kids back? Is it even possible?

Suppressing the rights of everyone by pretending that suddenly guns have become the Teen Whisperers – enticing young boys to grab them and use them like some sort of creepy clown doll in a horror movie – is no different from putting our heads in the collective sand. As always, any solution starts at home and in your local community. I just hope something can be found, and soon. Eventually the forces of hysteria will win.

Hard Questions

Answers needed. Soon

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Colorado transplant currently residing in Indiana. I am endlessly curious about the weather, human nature, history, gardening, and cooking. I have a wonderful family of 2 dogs and 3 cats, all of whom are rescues.

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