A Teachable Moment?

Considering the rabid left is already protesting President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court – regardless of who it is – the media maestro should try a novel approach to make a broader point. After taking the podium and engaging in a platitude laden speech about America, justice and the Supreme Court in general, President Trump should announce the following:

“I am this evening sending Merrick Garland to the Senate for conformation. I have no doubt that Judge Garland will excel in this role, and I expect swift confirmation.”

He should then retreat upstairs and watch the hysteria for about an hour, followed by the following (on Twitter of course): “Calm down people. I am nominating Judge Garland for the Ambassador of Nunavut. I have decided to reveal my SCOTUS nomination tomorrow morning at 8 am EST. Good night and God Bless America.”

The joke, of course, is that Merrick Garland was Barack Obama’s last Supreme Court nominee. The left loved him, but he never got a vote. Watching the hysterical street mobs – and their media enablers – protesting the same “nominee” would be priceless. And it would also provide a teachable moment for right wing reactionaries, some of whom would be on ledges if they failed to catch the subtlety of Trump not actually saying “Supreme Court”.

If there was ever a president who had the guts to pull this off, it’s Trump. Alas, I don’t see it happening. But it sure would be fun to watch.



Come off there. Really, it will be fine.